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Guava Juice | Guava Extract | Guava In Pregnancy | Amrood Ka Juice

The guava  is very delicious in the food But at the same time it helps us to overcome various diseases. There are many benefits of the guava juice. Which you are unaware. You will able to do it when we tell you the benefits of guava  juice. There are many advantages of guava juice that are down.



Guava Juice Helps Reduce The Weight

in guava juice plenty of fiber inside the guava juice and it contains plenty of proteins and vitamins. Calories are very low within the guava, which helps reduce weight.

For weakness Of Sight

There is a lot of  vitamins A  inside the guava juice. Vitamin A is very important for our eyes, if a glass is taken into a daily guava juice, the weakness of our eyes will be removed.


Maximizes Immunity Level

Its juice contains plenty of vitamin C that increases our immunity  level.


For Pain Due To Arthritis

If you have knees in pain then you should apply guava juice, Your breath will reduce your pain.


For Flu

If you have flu, then drink a spoon of salt and drink it. This will end your flue.

Guava For Pregnant Women

If pregnant women use an guava daily, the child becomes healthy. Which is every mother’s dream.

For Our Heart

Guava juice consumes our blood pressure control daily, and it keeps our heart healthy.




Amrood Ka Juice

Amrood khanay may bohat mazaydar hota ha.laykin ic k sath sath yeh hmain bemaryun ko dhur krnay may b madad dayta hai.amrood k juice k b bohat faide hein.jin sy ap nawaqif hein.jab hum ap ko ic k faide  btain gy to ap na nahi kar pain gy.amrood k juice k bohat sy fide hein jo neechay hein.


Wzan Kayliye

Amrood k juice k andar fiber proteins or vitamin skafee mikdar may hotey hein.ic k andar Calories kaam hoti hein jo wzan ko am krnay may madad dayti hein.


Ankhun Ki Kamzuri Kayliye

Amrood k juice may vitamin A hota ha.Vitamin A ankhun kayliye bohat zaruri hai agr 1 glas ic k juice ka pe li jaye to ankhoun ki kamzuri dhur ho jaye gi.


Immunity Level Kayliye

Ic k juice may vitamin C hota ha jo immunity level barhata ha.


Gutno May Dard Kayliye

Agar ap ko gotno may dard hai to ic ka juice whan lgain.ic say ap ki dard kam ho jaye gi.


Nazlay Or Zukam Kayliye

Agr aap ko zukam hai to ic k juice may ek chamach namak ka dal kar pee leyin.ic say flu thek ho jaye ga.


Hamla Aurtoun Kayliye

Agar ap hamla hein to ic ka istmal roz krein ic say bcha sehatmand ho ga jo her maa ka khuwab hota ha.


Dil Kayliye

Amroud ka juice penay say blood pressure control may rehta hai or hmara dil tandroust rehta ha.


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