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Cucumber Juice Benefits | Cucumber Calories | Kheere K Juice K Faide

Power has given us many fruits and vegetables, We can use different types of benefits. Cucumber juice is very beneficial for us. It’s a vegetable that we do as a slice while eating. Cucumber juice protects us from internal and external diseases. Vitamin B vitamin C Potassium calcium phosphorus iron is very high in the diameter.

1. Complete Water Shortage

Our body needs a lot of water. Drinking Cucumber juice or dry food reduces water shortages. The cucumber juice also provides essential vitamins to our body.

2. For Occupation And Gas

In cucumber juice Fiber is very high in the diameter and it reduces calorie. Therefore, Cucumbers juice is useful gas and occupation.

3. For Heart Diseases

It contains potassium Because of this it keeps our heart healthy. It controls our blood pressure. By the Drinking of cucumber juice does not heart attack on you.

4. For Bones

There are plenty of vitamin k and calcium, Those who help our bones strengthen.

5. For Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, use the cucumber juice as it is. There is plenty of fiber inside it, Which causes weight loss.

6. For Cancer

The lignance present in this body does not give birth to cancer cells.


7. For Hair

If you apply your hair for half an hour on your hair, it will strengthen your hair, and if your hair falls, the hair will stop falling.



Kheere K Juice K Faide

Qudrat nay hmain beshmar phalun or sabziyoun sy nwaza ha,jin ko hum istmal kr k faidy utha skty hein.khiray ka juice hmary liye bra faidymand hai.yh eke se sabzi hai jis ko hum khty waqat istmal krty hein.khiray ka pani hmay both see andruni or bayruni bemariyn sy bchata ha.ic may Vitamin B vitamin C Potassium calcium phosphorus iron kafe hota ha.

1. Pani Ki Kmi K Liye

Hmary jism ko pni ki zarurt hoti ha.khiray ka juice peenay ya khany sy pani ki kmi puri hoti ha.ic ka juice muktleef kisam k vitamins b fraham krta ha.

2. Qabz Or Gas K Liye

Ic may fiber kafe mikdar my or calorie kam hoti hain.ic liye ic ka juice qabz or gas ka khatma krta ha.

3. Heart K Liye

Ic my potassium hota ha ic ki wja sy dil thek rehta ha.yh blood pressure ko control my rkhta ha.juice peny sy heart attact ni hota.

4. Hadyu Kayliye

Ic my vitamin k calcium kafee mikdar my hoty hein,jo hadyun ko mazbut krty hein.

5. Wzan My Kmi Kayliye

Agar ap apna wzan kam krna chahty hein to khiray ka juice istmal krein.ic my fiber kafe mikdar my hota ha,jo wazan my kmi krta hai.

6. Cancer Kayliye

Ic my mjud lignance hmray jism my cells peda honay e nai daytay.

7. Balun Kayliye

Agr ap apnay balun per 30min k liye lgain to ball mazbut ho jain gay,or agr ball girtay hein to girna band ho jain gy.

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