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Apple Benefits For Skin|Best Apple cider vingegar|Saib K Jheeld Per Faide

Apple Benefits for skin    Apple is great fruit which is widely used for skin. Apple helps to skin bright and softy in every season especially winter.

Skin Glowing

One of the benefits of apple Benefits is It is amazing fruit for glowing skin. Apple is a good  treatment for different  issues of face or skin.

Apple also provide a source of protines,copper,and minirals and which has a lot  of vitamins C and vitamin A. Copper makes melain, the brown-black pigment that’s colours your skin.

Protect From Ultravoilt Rays

One of the benefits of Apple benefits is Melain play very important role on your skin that protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

60 mg Copper In Apple

Each Apple have contains 60 micrograms  of copper.

Mature Skin And Reduce Cancer

One of the benefits of apple benefits is Apple provide small amount of vitamins A. Vitamins A helps in skin development, it make a immature skin that develop into mature and functional skin tissue. Vitamins A which helps to build a healthy skin and reduce skin cancer.

Reduce Free Redicals

One of the benefits of apple benefits is  A large Apple provide 120 international units of vitamins A. Vitamin C is powerful to reduces the free-redical damage to your skin cells due to  pollution.

Remove Pimples And Wrinkles

One of the benefits of apple benefits is  Vitamin C is work amazing to protecting your skin.    To daily eating Apple which is also helpful to remove pimples and wrinkles.

Usefull Cure Acne

One of the benefits of apple benefits is Apple  are very useful to cure acne trouble skin and thus make  glowing skin.

 Smooth And Healthy Skin

One of the benefits of apple benefits is If you can drink an Apple juice that gave a smooth and healthy looking skin. Daily use of Apple past on your skin which is dissolve the dead cells on your skin.

Make Cheek Red

One of the benefits of apple benefits is Eating 1-2 Apple’s a day which will help you to get a red cheeks and extremely shiny,glowing skin.

 IMPROVE Eyesight

One of the benefits of apple benefits is It is improve eyesight. Boil Apple work very good for skin whiting.





Apple ak acha phal h yeh skin k liay isthmal hota h. Apple  madad  kerta h skin ko bright or naram bnany me yeh  her mosam me istmal hota h khas thor pe serdio me.

Chamkdar Jild

Yeh chamakdar skin k liay acha h. Yeh ak acha phal h skin k mokhtalif maslo ko hal kerny k liay.

Apple K Zray

Apple hamy boht say source mohaiya kerta h jasy k protine, copper or minerals or kuch vitamins (A,c). Copper ap ki jild k  colour ko bhori saya melain  ko halka ker datha h.

 Ultraviolet Rays Say Hifazet

Melain ap ki skin me boht aham kerdar ada kerta h jo ap ki jild ko  soraj ultraviolet ki kerno say hefazet data  h.

Apple Me 60mg Copper

Her Apple me 60 micrograms copper hota h. Apple hamy thora sa vitamin A ferham kerta h. Skin  ko banay me vitamin A madad kerta h, or yeh immature skin ko mature or functional jild me teyar kerta h. vitamin A jis me ak saheth  mand jild ki thameer or jild k cancer k khatery ko kam kerny me madad datha h.

Free rRedical Ka Khatma

Ak  Apple  vitamin A k 120 ban-ul-aqwami unit ferham kerta h. Ap k chamak per mofth redical k noksan ka samna kerny k liay vitamin C pollution ki tharf say istmal kerty hn.

Pimples Or Wrinkles Ka Khatma

Soraj ki boht zayada nomaish say ap ki jild ki hifazet k liay vitamin C hareth angaz kam anjam data h. Rozana Apple khany say pimple or joriano ko khatm kerny me madad datha h.

 Mofeed Ance

Apple ance chamry ki jild ki dakh bhal kerny k liay boht madad gar sabeth hota h or is therha saf or chamakti jild nikal athi h.

Hamwar Or Saheth Jild

Ager hm apple ka juice peay to wo hamy hamwar or saheth mand jild dati h.  Rozana apple ka paste isthmal kerny say ap k jild k morda cells per monhaser hota h. Din  me 1 say 2 Apple khany say sorakh galo or inthahi chamak dar or chamkili jild hasil kerny me madad kerta h.

 Nazer Ko Bahther Bnana

Yeh ankho ki nazer ko bahther kerta h. Obla howa apple jlid ko safyd (white) kerny me madad datha h.

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