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Banana Peels Benefits |Banana Peels For Teeth |Kaylay K Chelkon K Faide

Banana peels benefits

Banana has many benefits, But we will talk about banana peels benefits  today. Usually we only consider bananas only. But there are many benefits of banana  peels  that we have ignored. If you want to keep your face clean, banana peels  are very beneficial for you.

Banana Peels For The Way To Remove Burns

If you have any pain in your body then you can get a bananas peel. It will reduce the pain of your body. If you bite a borm on a body then get your banana peels  there. This will reduce your burning habits.

Banana Peels For Control The Headache

This is an benefit  of banana peels. It treats headaches. It contains magnesium. It controls headache. Apply Banana peels  for 15 minutes, it will be fine for you.

Banana Peels For teeths

Banana straws contain potassium magnesium and magnesium. If you apply it to your teeth, it becomes white. It brings natural glow to the teeth.

For The Beauty Of Face

Bake bananas Put it in the night. Then wash your face with cold water next morning. This reduces water shortage in your skin and your face will clear.

Kaylay K Chelkun K Faiday

Kaylay k both sy faidy hein.lykin hum aj kylun k chelun k bry mein bat krein gy.am toar per hum sirf kylay ko e faida mand samajty hein.lykin kylun k chelkun k both faidy hein jinhain hum nzarandaz kar dytay hain.agr ap chehry ko saf rkhna chaty hein to kyly ka istmal kerin.yeh ap ko faida puhanchaty hain.

Jlan Dhour Karna

Agr apny k jisam my drd ho rai hai to kylay ka chelka mlain.ic sy ap k jisam kid rd kam ho jay gi.agr ap k jisam per koi kira kat ly to chilka whan mlein.ic sy jlan kam ho jay gi.

Sirdard Control Krna

Kyly k chelkay ka faida yh hai. yh sir dard control karta hai. kyunkay ic my magnesium hota hai.jo sirdard control krta hai.kyly k chelkay ko 15min k liye sir per lgain ic sy sir thek ho jaye ga.

Dant  Sfaid Krna

Kylun k chelkun my potassium magnesium or magnesium majod hota hai. jo ragarnay sy dant sfayd bnata hai.ic sy dantun my qudarti chamak a jati hai.


Chehry Ko Saf Krna

Kyly ka chelka lein or ic ko rat k waqat lgain or subha mo dhu lein,ic s yap ki jheld my pani ki kmi pori ho jay gi or chehra saf ho jy ga.




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