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Tomato Benefits For Skin | Tamatar K Faide Jheeld K Liye

There are lots of tomato benefits. Tomato is very good vegetable for skin, it makes the face shiny. The salts included in the tomato make the skin beautiful. tomato hurts skin tastes and keeps up fresh. Usually many women carry different types of creams. which cause them to be harmful. Due to this, they have to face problems like this. It hurts their skin. Many poisonous chemicals are found in the creams that damage the faces. Medical experts say if used to tomato. it will clear your face.


How To Use Tomato

Take three diameter tomato and make it juice.

Take four drops of lime.

Now mix these two.

Now apply it on your face.

Let him stay on his face for fifteen minutes.

Now wash your face with cool water.

Repeat this method at least one week mandatory.

This will make your skin clear.


Tmatar k bohat sy faidy hein.tmatar jheld k liye achi sabze hai.yh chehry ko chamakdar bnati hai.tmatar my shamil namkiyat jheld ko khubsurt bnatay hain.tmatar sy jheld ki chiknahat khtam ho jti ha or ic sy jheld taza  rehti ha.am toar pr both c khawten muktlef creamain lgati hein. jis sy in ko nuksan hota hai.ic ki bdulad inhein trha trha ki bemriyun ka samna hota hai.ic sy in ki jheeld kharab hoti hai.creamun my both sy zehrely camecal hoty hein jo nuksan pohnchaty hein.tabi mhren ka kehna ha agr tmatar ka istmal kia jaye to chehra saf ho jy ga.


Istmal Krny Ka Treeka

3 tmatr lein or juice bna lein.

4 ktray lemu k lein.

Ab 2no ko mela lein.

Ab ic ko chehry pr lgain

Ic ko 15 min k liye lga rehnain dyin.

Ab apna chehra thandy pani sy dhu lein.

Ic treky ko 1 week lazme dhuhrein.

Ic s yap ki jheeld saf ho jy gi.


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