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Orange Benefits | Eye Color Changer |Black Eye Color|Maltay K Faide


Orange is a useful fruit that benefits various types of ways and there is plenty of vitamin C and vitamin E inside it Which benefits in different ways some of them are as follows.

Orange For Eyes

There are many benefits of  orange. It contains plenty of  vitamin E. Which is very useful for eyes.It improves your eyes. It contains vitamin E which is very good for eye tissues that’s why you  have a habit.



Orange For The Beauty Of The Face

Orange improves the face as well as the face of the eyes. Where it has vitamins E .There is plenty of vitamins available

That makes the face beautiful.

It helps to clean the blood And saves infection

Orange For Salvation From Obesity

If you are a patient, you can use it Because it also reduces the amount of sugar  If  you want to get rid of obesity then use orange. Because sugar does not contain sugar so that it can also use sugar pediatrician


Orange Is Useful Food For Children

Those children who do not drink mother’s milk, they can juice of orange But juice is sweet and  only three to four tea spoon

Ankhoun K Liye

Maltay kay kafee saray faiday hain.maltay may kafee mikdar may vitaman E paya jata hai.jo kay ankhoun k liye boahat mufeed hai.ic say aap ki nazar behtar hoti hai.ic may vitaman E hota hai jo ankhoun k teeshouz k liye bohat acha  hota hai.ic liye aap adat daal lein

Chehray Ki Khubsurti Kay Liye

Yeh ankhun ki behttri kay sath sath chehray ko b khubsurat bnata hai.jahan ic may vitaman E hai.wahan ic may vitaman C be kafee haad tak moojud hai jo chehray ko khubsurat bnata hai.yeh khun ko saaf karta hai or infection say bchata hai.

Mutapay Say Neejad

Agar aap shugar kay mreed hain kyun kay ic may cheeni ki mikdar kafee kaam hoti hai.agar aap mutapay say jaan churana chahtay hain to ic ka istmal karain kyun kay ic may cheni mujud nai hoti ic liye shugar k mreez be ic ko istmal kar saktay hain

Bchoun Kay Liye Mufeed Gza

Wo bachay jo dhud nai peetay wo ic ka juice pee saktay hain laykin juice meetha ho laykin 3 say 4 chaye kay chamach


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