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Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon Oil For Acne | Lemo K Jeeld Per Faide


Lemon  is the best source if you have to take advantage of the skin or face. Lemon helps us through different  methods. It benefits our skin in different ways some of them are as follows

Lemon For Rid of circles

Some people have circles around their eyes. This reduces beauty. To maintain Beauty,Lemon is necessary to get rid of eye circles. Grind their peas and grind any cream and later put them in their circles and your circles will end in a few days.

Lemon For The Beauty Of Face

Take a pot Put water of lemon  and roses in it and later mix them Now apply it well on the face and after fifteen minutes wash your face.

Lemon For Control Of Acne Cure And Pimples

Take a number of lemon  and  one spoon honey and mix both of them and let’s stay for two minutes now apply it on your face and let it stay for ten and fifty minutes now  Clear your face with water  Repeat this method for two to three weeks and your face will be cleared. If it’s out on your face again. Then  make regular lime with semi-hot water It will clear your face.

Halkoun Say Chutkara

Baz afrad ki ankhun k gird halkay par jatay hain.ic kay baise khubsurti may kami waqe hoti hai.khubsurti barkrar rakhnay k liye halkun say chutkara lawzam hota hai.in k chelkun ko ache tarha pease layin or kesee b cream may shamil kar layin or bad may in ko apnay halkun may lga layin or ic tarha ap k halkay khatam ho jain gay.

Chehray Ki Khubsurti K Liye

Ek bartan lein ic may lemo ka pani or gulab ka arak dalein or meelain ab ic ko chehray per achi tarha say lgain or 15 min bad apnay chehray ko dhu lein ic say aap ka chehra saaf ho jaye ga.

Danun Or Keeloun Ko Rokna

Ek adad lemu lein or ek chamach shehad ka or dono ko meela dein or 2 3 min para rehnay dein. Ab ic ko apnay chehray per lgain or ic ko 10 say 15min lga rehnay dein ab apna chehra pani say dhu lein.ic treekay ko 2 say 3 haftay tak duhrain or aap ka chehra saaaf ho jaye ga.agar aap k chehray per dubara neekal ayn to aap gram pani k sath lemun ko rutin bna lein ic say aap ka chehra saaf ho jaye ga.

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