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Benefits Of Onion Juice | Onion Benefits For Men | Pyaz K Pani K Faide

There are plenty benefits of onion juice but we will mention some of them which are below

Benefit Of Onion Juice For Hair

Onion juice is very good for hairs. It has enough sulfur which increases the hair and  makes them useful. It reduces your hair down significantly.

How  to use

A spoon  honey And make a onion juice

Mix them both well

Now put it on the head and let it stay for 2 hours

Wash the hair later with shampoo

Repeat this way for two weeks

Onion Juice For Men’s Weaknesses

The second benefit  of onion juice is that it removes  man weakness

Men try different ways to increase their strength. It occasionally benefits, but it hurts damage. Experts say you do not eat such things and eat naturally

Onion juice is something that increases the strength of the man But it does eat at the right time, sometimes it is also harmful to eat.

Expert  says that use onion lunch time and  you will not have to face medicines

For the beautiful skin

The third benefit of onion juice  is It makes your face very beautiful.

The onion juice makes the skin very beautiful and attractive. Using onion will end your stomach and your face will be beautiful. The use of onion shows your growing age.

How to use

Take a juice onion juice

Take three spoons of milk

Now match them well

Let it keep for fifteen minutes and then clean it with semi-hot water

Use this method for two weeks

Thank you

Balun k liye

onion ka water bohat ache chease hai ic may kafee mikdar may sarfar majoud hai jo balun ko barhata ha or bal pray karnay may madad dayta hai

Istmal karnay ka treeka

Ek chamach shehad or piyaz ka pani layin

Or in dono ko ache tarha meelain

Or in ko sir per lga layin or 2 gantay lga rehnay daion

Or bad may sir dhu layin

Yeh treeka 2 haftay tak duhrain


Mardana  kamzoori  k  liye

Mard apni quwat barhanay k liye tarha tarha k treekay azmata hai jo waqti toar per to faida detay hain mgar ic ka noksan he noksan hota hai doctor b ic ko istmal karnay say mna kartay hain mahreen ka kehna hai k aap esee cheasain na khain or qudarti khoorak khain.

Piyaz eke see chease hai jo mard ki quwat barhati hai laykin ic ko sahi waqat par khana zaruri hai ic ko baz aukat khanay say nuksan b hota hai

Mahreen ka kehna hai k piyaz ka istmal dupeher k time karain or ic say aap ko adwyat ka samna nai karna pray ga.


Khubsurat  jild k liye

Piyaz ka pani jild ko bohat khusray bnata hai.piyaz k istmal say aap k dabay khatam ho jain gay or aap ka chehra khubsurat ho jaye ga.piyaz k istmal say aap ki barti hoi umar b kaam nazar ati hai.

Istmal karnay ka treeka

1 adad piyaz ka juice layin

3 chamach dhud layin

Ab dono ko ache tarha meelain

Ic ko 15min k liye lga rehnay dayin or bad may moo saaf kar layin

Ic treekay ko 2 haftay tak istmal karain



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